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Benton County Fire District #1
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Incident Support Division

Support Services - Captain Ron Fryer

If helping the Fire District interests you, but fighting fires or riding in ambulance isn’t for you, our Support Services group could use your help!!!

Support Services members provide support as needed to facilitate effective and efficient incident management response to local emergencies, natural disasters and public events.  Emphasis is on providing support to ensure that the physical and mental well-being of members operating at the scene (emergency or non-emergency) does not deteriorate to the point where it affects the safety of the emergency responders.  Typical incidents where Support Services members may be utilized includes but is not limited to; support of extended emergency on-scene operations, e.g., structure fires, wildland fires, hazmat incidents, floods, and other large/complex emergency incidents, support of district sanctioned exercises/training drill evolutions and/or sanctioned community or public events.

Support Services members attend weekly training drills and respond as available to emergencies when dispatched.