"Dedicated to Providing the Highest Level of Public Safety Services to our Community"
Benton County Fire District #1
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Administrative Staff

Fire District Office

Lonnie Click - Fire Chief
Phone: (509) 737-0911 Ext. 1111

Following the policy direction of the Board of Commissioners, the Fire Chief is responsible for providing administrative direction and leadership for all Fire District functions, operations, and personnel through the supervision of staff and a review of their activities.

Scott LoParco - Deputy Fire Chief
Phone: (509) 737-0911 Ext. 1116  

Under direction of the Fire Chief, the Deputy Fire Chief is second in command to the Fire Chief, managing work that is public safety oriented in the protection of life and property.  Responsible for managing and coordinating all operational needs, staffing needs, and resource management for the Fire District.

Billie Paden-Lilly, Executive Director of Business Operations
Phone (509) 737-0911 Ext. 1112

Under the direction of the Fire Chief, the Executive Director is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing general administrative and financial services for the District.  The Executive Director assists in policy development and implementation for the District and acts as the principal assistant to the Fire Chief in all aspects of government, business, administration and financial manners.

April Ewing - Procurement and Administrative Coordinator 
Phone: (509) 737-0911 Ext. 1113

Under the direction of the Executive Director, the Procurement and Administrative Coordinator provides administrative support at all organizational levels. Responsible for procurement activities for goods and services involving public works following the regulatory requirements for local governments in Washington State. Responsible for processing Fire District accounts payable and receivable.

Misty Ferrell - Office/MPD Assistant
Phone: (509) 737-0911 Ext. 1114

Under the direction of the Executive Director, the Office Assistant supports the administrative staff with daily routine functions.  Responsible for verifying ambulance billing information for accuracy and serves as the liaison between the Fire District and Ambulance Billing Company, Responsible for processing volunteer member training records, certifications, and emergency response records and reimbursement.  Under the direction of the Medical Program Director, the MPD Assistant is responsible for assisting with emergency medical service certification.