"Dedicated to Providing the Highest Level of Public Safety Services to our Community"
Benton County Fire District #1
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Fire and EMS




Benton County Fire District #1 is a combination fire department with approximately 90 volunteer, part-time and full-time firefighters serving 18,600 people over 320 square miles. In 2018 we responded to 1,519 calls for structural and wildland fire suppression, emergency medical service, technical rescue, and hazardous materials response. We also are active and involved in our community and local schools teaching fire and injury prevention.  We appreciate the support of our community, and consider it an honor to serve.

Benton #1 funds daily operations through a fire levy of $1.50 per $1,000 of assessed property value, which voters renew every six years. 

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) accounts for almost 60% of all our calls – and that number is projected to continue growing as our population increases. Currently, we rely on neighboring agencies to transport our patients to hospitals, which takes longer. Last year, we asked voters to approve an EMS levy to improve response times and patient care. A majority (54%) of voters approved this request, yet it required a super majority (60%) to pass. Long-term, the Board will continue to seek revenue sources to provide this life-saving program for our citizens.


Benton County Fire District #1 is staffed with one career Captain for every 24 hour shift at Station 160 and two career Lieutenants assigned to day staff, Monday through Friday, bolstering our staffing levels at Station 120.  We are able to use the day staff officers to backfill during vacations, sick leave and training.  Deputy Fire Chief and Training Captain are available to respond to emergency calls during all hours.  We attempt to ensure that three qualified firefighters are available at Station 160 and two qualified firefighters at Station 120. Our other 4 stations are staffed by volunteers.  Our 67 volunteers remain the backbone of the District and give a tremendous amount of their time to the community in the form of training and response.  Apart from the volunteer firefighters, we have 8 “rehab” volunteers that assist with providing food and drinks for on-scene personnel during longer duration incidents.  The District also has opportunities for Administrative Volunteers to assist with administration and special projects at the Fire Administrative Center and Training Center. Our resident firefighters do an outstanding job!  The District currently has 12 qualified resident Firefighters.  6 live at Fire Station 160, 6 at Fire Station 120.  They live at the Fire Station as their primary residence and add to our 24 hour staffing, including weekends and holidays.


Fire Chief P. Scott LoParco

Phone: (509) 737-0911 Ext. 1116