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Benton County Fire District #1
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Board of Fire Commissioners

Elected Officials

Our Board of Commissioners meet on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 4:00 p.m. Meetings are held at the Fire Training Center located at 1811A S. Ely St., Kennewick, WA 99337.  Meeting dates and locations occasionally change.  The public is always invited to attend.


Gregg A. Couch 
Board Chair

Scott E. Carpenter

Board Member

David M. Jenkins 
Board Member

2022 Board Meeting Dates

January 4AgendaMinutes      
January 18AgendaMinutes
February 1AgendaMinutes
February 15AgendaMinutes
February 22


March 1AgendaMinutes
March 15AgendaMinutes
March 21


April 5AgendaMinutes
April 19AgendaMinutes
May 3AgendaMinutes
May 17AgendaMinutes
June 7AgendaMinutes
June 21AgendaMinutes
July 5AgendaMinutes
July 19AgendaMinutes
August 2AgendaMinutes
August 16AgendaMinutes
September 6AgendaMinutes
September 20AgendaMinutes
October 4AgendaMinutes
October 18AgendaMinutes
November 1AgendaMinutes
November 15AgendaMinutes
December 6AgendaMinutes
December 20AgendaMinutes


2021 Board Meeting Dates

January 5AgendaMinutesResolutions 
January 19AgendaMinutes 
February 2AgendaMinutes 
February 16AgendaMinutes 
March 2AgendaMinutes Resolutions
March 16AgendaMinutes Resolutions
April 6AgendaMinutes 
April 20Special AgendaMinutes 
April 20 Regular AgendaMinutes
May 4AgendaMinutes 
May 18AgendaMinutes 
June 1AgendaMinutes Resolutions
June 15AgendaMinutes 
July 6AgendaMinutes 
July 20AgendaMinutes 
August 3AgendaMinutes 
August 12Special AgendaMinutes
August 17AgendaMinutes 
September 7AgendaMinutes 
September 21AgendaMinutes 
October 5AgendaMinutes Resolutions
October 19AgendaMinutes 
November 2AgendaMinutes 
November 16AgendaMinutes 
November 23Special AgendaMinutes
December 7AgendaMinutes 
December 21AgendaMinutes