"Dedicated to Providing the Highest Level of Public Safety Services to our Community"
Benton County Fire District #1
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- About Us -

We are a combination fire department with 77 volunteers firefighters and support staff, 9 career firefighters and 4 administrative staff that operate out of our 6 stations, a maintenance facility and our fire administration center.

Benton County Fire District #1 provides fire suppression, emergency medical services, hazardous materials response, and public information to a population of about 17,000 living within the 320 square mile Fire District and to those passing through southeast Benton County on the Interstate, on the rail system or on the Columbia River.

Benton County Fire District #1 (also referred to as BCFD#1) was formed September 23, 1946. The first fire engine was housed in a City of Kennewick fire station. The city firefighters operated the fire engine on fire calls in the Fire District area around the City. In July 1958, the first Fire District station was opened at 27th Avenue and Olympia Street. That fire station, after being remodeled and added onto three times, is still in operation. The second firestation was opened in a rented garage on Finley Road in 1959. The current fire station in Finley, which has also had three remodels and additions, is located across the street from the original station. The third station was built at its current location at Grant and Canal Streets in 1960, and has been remodeled three times and added onto once.This station continues to operate and serves areas throughout the District with a selection of special, one of a kind apparatus. The fourth station opened at the Richland Y in the late 1950’s. This station operated until annexations by the City of Richland reduced the need and the station was closed. The Fire District opened a station, again in a rented garage, on Bermuda Road in Rancho Reata in 1981. This station was replaced with a permanent facility across the street in 1984. As the District grew, and due to Washington Survey and Rating Bureau requirements, a fifth station was built in Badger Canyon in 1992. Although Fire Districts in Washington State were originally chartered in 1939 to provide fire protection, that mission has evolved to meet the expectations of the public. BCFD#1, like all Fire Districts serving urban populations, now provides fire suppression, emergency medical services, hazardous materials control and containment, and public information to its citizenry and those who may be passing through the Fire District on the Interstate, on the rail system or on the Columbia River. We are very pleased with the services we provide and strive to provide the best, most effecient services as needed, with a prompt response time.