"Dedicated to Providing the Highest Level of Public Safety Services to our Community"
Fire Fact:
Each year, fire kills more
Americans than all natural
disasters combined.

On the November ballot:

Fire Truck and Station Renovation Bond

Mission Statement

Benton County Fire District #1’s (BCFD#1) mission is to provide the citizens of the Fire District with fire suppression of and fire protection from hostile fires, emergency and rescue services in support of emergency medical transport agencies, and response to and management of hazardous materials incidents.  BCFD#1 also responds and participates in multi-agency fire, emergency medical and hazardous materials incidents in accordance with contractual and mutually agreed commitments.

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CLARIFICATIONS: County’s Public Safety Sales Tax fund

Benton County Fire District #1 is often asked why it doesn't receive any funding from the Public Safety Sales Tax that Benton County collects. The fire district is not part of the county government, and is not eligible to recieve funds.  Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the County's Public Safety Sales Tax fund:

What is the Public Safety Sales Tax Fund? In 2014, voters in Benton County approved a 0.03% increase on sales tax to fund public safety.

Who gets the sales tax that is collected? Benton County’s government receives 60% of the funds, and four cities divide the remaining 40%:  West Richland, Kennewick,  Richland, and Prosser.

Why aren’t Fire Districts eligible for funds/grants from the fund? When it was approved, it was specifically designated to: hire  additional police officers, corrections  officers, and prosecutors; fund the Metro Drug Task Force and gang and crime prevention efforts; and fund court and clerk  programs including a seventh Superior Court Judge and drug and mental health courts.

Is Fire District #1 part of Benton County? No. The fire district is a separate entity, and is a junior taxing district. It is funded by residents that live in the fire district paying a fire levy and bonds. It is not a part of Benton County  government.

Welcome to Benton County Fire District #1

Proudly Serving South Kennewick, Finley, Rancho Reata, Triple Vista and Badger Canyon

Benton County Fire District #1 provides fire suppression, emergency medical services, hazardous materials response, and public information to a population of about 18,600 living within the 320 square mile Fire District and to those passing through southeast Benton County on the Interstate, on the rail system or on the Columbia River.


With the recent wildland fires threatening and destroying homes in our community, it is a good time to highlight the resources available to prepare your home for wildfire. Several organizations sited below have websites that offer a wealth of information. Please educate yourselves and share with others; do your part to safeguard your and your neighbor's home.

NFPA. org (https://www.nfpa.org/Public-Education/By-topic/Wildfire/Preparing-homes-for-wildfire) offers an informational fact sheet outlining wildfire risk reductions steps that can make your home safer during a wildfire:


CalFire offers great information for creating defensible space around your home.  Their "readyforwildfire" website gives recommended zone distances as well as spacing for plants and trees and tips for fire-wise landscaping:


The Department of Natural Resources outlines safety tips regarding wildfire prevention and landscaping during dry conditions:




What Does the Fire Danger System Mean in Benton County?



   FIRE          EMS  

610            909



   FIRE          EMS  

688            828



 FIRE         EMS

553         744



 FIRE       EMS

558       730