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Expanded Resource Ordering Coordinator Roster

  • EROC changes at 0800 every Tuesday morning.
  • The name on the roster is the primary EROC for one week from the date shown.  If the person is unable to fulfill his/her EROC duties at any time during their time 'up' then they are responsible for contacting another qualified person to ensure they are prepared to respond to a page.
  • It may be useful to have additional qualified people to assist the EROC, at the EOC or at the incident.  These positions are not rostered.  Other qualified people can make themselves available, if possible, when contacted by the EROC.

BC Brenda Rodgers is in a Backup Role


AJ Hill509.521.0852
James Hempstead509.578.9316
Tom Huntington509.578.9313
Mike Wroolie509.578.8101
Brenda Rodgers509.578.9318
Randy Aust509.578.9317
Vince Beasley509.820.0460
Ed Dunbar509.380.8552
Seth Johnson509.830.9532
Tod Kreutz509.948.0157
Scott LoParco509.430.1606
Eric Nilson509.572.5086